About Me

Mary Chisholm BA, MA, MSt (Cantab)

Email: contact@exploringbuildinghistory.co.uk

Photograph by Deborah Johnson.
Taken at Montacute House with
kind permission of the National Trust

I am an historian with a passion for architectural history. After a career spanning some 35 years in the corporate world, I decided to formalise my life-long interest and undertook a Master’s ­in Building History at Cambridge University. My dissertation was on Tudor Gentry Gatehouses in South West England. I graduated in 2018.

Besides giving talks on architectural history, I conduct research projects. These have included recording the historic graffiti at Montacute House in Somerset, and a project for South West Heritage Trust researching Somerset bridges.

One of the challenges with architectural history is the wonderful wealth of subject matter. It is all around us and by looking at the physical evidence it brings to life the amazing built heritage of England. In my blog I want to share my adventures, experience and understanding of architectural history. With my research into social, political and local history, I aim to provide a context in which the buildings were created and their function. I also want to share factsheets that provide enthusiasts and students alike with snapshots of historical information.

I live in Somerset, which is why many of my blog subjects are based in the South West. I do go further afield for my research and endeavour to weave into my blog the places, people and buildings I encounter.

Exploring Building History is a quest to appreciate how the men and women of England brought unique architecture to life and have left an astonishing legacy.